ORC world championship 2023 - a test of sailing skills

ORC world championship 2023 - a test of sailing skills

This year the ORC World Championship is be sailed in Schilksee, Kiel, Germany. Its an impressively big regatta with 114 boats competing.

I am here this year onboard the team Desna, a Knierim 49, carbon built and designed by Judel/Vrolijk. It a new team on the block, with the current owner just getting onto the racing scene recently, and we have a long way to go. But promising results here and there at Kieler Woche earlier in the season shows that we definitely have potential - given enough time and effort.

And this key element - our focus on development of our sailing skills as a team, and on each individual position, matches well with the concept that our latest series of courses here on Sailingskills.com are build around;

- Everything start with the basics, the key elements in trimming, starting, strategy, rig-setup etc. If you have a good common ground to build the team from, it becomes possible to more advanced layers of knowledge, tricks and tricks.

- In parallel to building an understanding within the team, another key element is developed: a common language.

- Words and language that precisely describes what is needed to get communicated, makes the communication much more efficient, and leads directly to less confusion and very often better decisions.

- Being well organised is absolutely essential in a sport or activity as complex as sailing. In fact sailing is so complex, and the environment when being in a racing situation is generally so stressfull that capacity for learning during the action near zero.

-That is why engaged and well run debriefs are really essential as part of the learning proces. We simply need a quiet moment to distill the 100s inputs and thoughts that we are bombarded with, into something useful and repeatable.

- And that is also why we believe that e-learning is a great tool when you want to develop sailing and racing skills. Because the complexity can be taken apart and be replaced by a setting where you are moving forward at your own pace, and during a quite moment of you own choosing.

If you get inspired and what to know more about saiilngskills,com the ideas behind and concept, and how we can help moving your team forward, please come find me on the dock after sailing or get in touch via FB, Insta etc.



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