Apple Vision Pro - a 3D learning space

Apple Vision Pro - a fascinating tool for learning

Vision Pro applies the principle that, as humans, we are highly influenced by the visual inputs we receive (of the sensory inputs our brain receives, 80% is attributed to visual). Thus, virtual 3D spaces can be experienced extremely lifelike, as our brain tends to create a "reality" based solely on visual inputs.

Therefore, various types and degrees of communication, learning, training, and entirely new types of experiences (co-experiences) can be made possible through tools like Vision Pro and the right experience-design behind it.

Augmented reality enables a rich experience by adding a virtual objects and layers to the existing reality.

It can also allow both a time-shifted experience (re-experience) of a pre-recorded event or a spatially shifted live-experience of a live event as it happens, or a combination of two or three of the above.


Examples of this can be:

  • Being a virtual guest on a boat racing, experiencing it as it happens (co-experience).
  • Re-experiencing a previously conducted race or event with a high degree of realism (captured with one or more 360 and stereoscopic cameras during the event).
  • An extended experience of a training session with a world-class sailing team, where one can pause, replay, slow down, zoom in, etc., to enjoy the details of boat handling, steering, America's Cup start, etc.

From a learning perspective:

  • A significant challenge in conveying things like movement, actions, intuitive decisions, etc., in a sailing race situation is the high complexity and relentless flow; you can't just stop the boat and discuss the details as you would in football.
  • With a Vision Pro setup, this can actually be achieved! A pre-recorded sequence, viewable in 360 (perhaps 3D) can be played back, reversed, etc. You can freeze the moment, identify key points, observe timings. In other words, reduce complexity and distill something complex into its components and basic elements. In other words "reverse-engineer" something complex into its building blocks.
  • With these basic elements as building blocks in the learning process, training and learning can certainly be accelerated and individualised according to preferences and needs.
  • In my upcoming racing this spring in the Caribbean, the Med and the Baltics we plan to test a few 360 degrees recording setups, with the goal of creating an exciting re-experience of manoeuvres on board, which we can then recreate in Vision Pro back in the "lab,”. Next to add data layers, and pinpoint

From a marketing perspective:

  • Many products are already entirely or mostly constructed in 3D before they come to life. And they will pass through many iterations and stages during the design and refinement process. This highly evident in a yacht design process, that has many players involved:
    • Performance/design
    • Interior design
    • Owner/stakeholder feedback
    • etc.
  • At each milestone a new set of 3D drawings are generated, shared, discussed, in what I can attest to, not always a straight forward process, caused to a certain extend by the fact that 3D drawings is not presented very well on a 2D surface, screen or paper.
  • Prepare for a paradigm shift here
  • With a Vision Pro setup, the is now a relatively short distance from having the design office's 3D day to day renderings, to hosting immersive, virtual 3D presentations for the design team.
  • And then finally giving the grand tour to a potential customer from Japan. The degree of interactivity almost only limited by the imagination.

I started SailingSkills because, in addition to my professional sailing career, as I have always been intrigued by creating effective communication during coaching sessions, and when teaching sailing and yacht racing in live settings. However, due to my strong belief in e-learning as a communication tool and especially as an opportunity to scale my reach to sailors worldwide, both geographically and temporally (somewhat inspired by Anthony Giddens: "Consequences of Modernity"), I decided to develop a dedicated digital platform. In its current stage, it can be found at, and it has real, live users.

But with Vision Pro, I can see exciting possibilities to elevate communication, training, and learning to entirely new levels. I am thrilled at the prospect of diving further into this arena in collaboration with strong players on the field.

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