Owner and founder of SailingSkills.com

Jesper Radich

Jesper has a long history of sailing professionally, with some of the highlights being:

- Winning the World Match Racing Tour as a helmsman

- Reaching the semifinals of the Americas Cup 2007, as b-boat skipper

Jesper also has an educational background as a Master in Coaching/Pedagogy and Physical Education, and has always been passionate about learning, development and transfer of knowledge to sailors on all skill levels. Hence he spends a lot of his time coaching Internationally and in Denmark, when he is net out racing professionally

His motivation behind starting Sailing Skills is clear: He wants to share all of his accumulated knowledge of sail racing through +20 years as a professional sailor, and make us all better sailors!

The use of cutting edge technology to mediate any coaching and learning scenarios is alway of high priority. And by entering the onto the digital platform of SailingSkills.com, the reach and accessibility to engage with teams and individuals world wide has become vastly increased:

"We are now only a video-call away from each other for a 1-on-1 coaching, and only a mouse click away from another inspiring pre-recorded chapter of a sailing course"

Jespers Sailing CV 

  • Kræn Brinck Nielsen

    LinkedIn caption: As the CEO and co-owner of X-Yachts, I leverage over 25 years of leadership experience to propel our brand to the forefront of the global yacht industry. My educational background is an Executive MBA from AVT Business School, coupled with a HD in Organisation and Strategy from the University of Southern Denmark.


  • Thomas Gedde Højland

    Linked-in caption: I assist in developing visions and strategies, translating ambitions into tangible results – much faster than you thought possible!

    An ambitious vision and strategy provide direction for the organization, but it should also be possible for the employees and leaders responsible for its realization to prioritize, focus, take action, and achieve results.


  • Kasper Maier

    Kasper Maier, an avid sailor with extensive racing and sports boat experience, held the role of Racing Director for the Danish Sailing League in 2023. With a profound passion for sailing, he demonstrated a commitment to excellence in organizing and directing racing events. Kasper combines his deep knowledge and leadership skills to efficiently translate strategic visions into successful outcomes. His robust sailing background positions him as a valuable contributor her at SailingSkills.