Course 3 - Downwind

Downwind sailing included in most races.
In this lesson we look at both spinnaker and gennaker sailing. There are many similarities, and quite a few differences in how to go downwind with these 2 different types of sails, in terms of trimming and tactics, attacking and defending.
Concepts such as VMG, VMC, target speed are explained and used in a way where it becomes directly applicable in your sailing.
We will also focus in-depth on good jibing technique, and how to tackle it at the outer ends of the wind scale, where it can be a real challenge.
We will cover:
  • Basics 1 - What happens to the breeze downwind? 
  • Basics 2 - Spinnaker or Gennaker - hands on with trimming
  • Basics 3 - Manoeuvres
  • Strategy - downwind
  • Tactics, priorities and infights around the course
  • Exercises for self-training

Again there will be a easy to grasp intro to all topics covered. And at the same time we will venture into more advanced levels where even quite experienced sailors will surely get inspired and pick up new tricks