Course 2 - Upwind

Most races begin with an upwind leg, and already at the first mark rounding a major step towards the overall result of the race is already taken. This fact makes mastering upwind sailing very important!

In this 2nd course on, we'll take a look at the Upwind, from different perspectives.

We will be going through:

  • Upwind Basics 1: Trimming and balancing
  • Upwind Basics 2: Manoeuvres and boat handling
  • Upwind Basics 3: Moding - tactical positioning and driving
  • Wind and fleet strategy
  • Tactics and priorities up the beat
  • Exercises and training

Again there will be a easy to grasp intro to all topics covered. And at the same time we will venture into more advanced levels where even quite experienced sailors will surely get inspired and pick up new tricks