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Course #5: Team, Roles and Training

Course #5: Team, Roles and Training

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Generally larger dinghys, boat and yachts are sailed by more than 1 person. Coordination and collaboration on board is therefore an element of great importance to both the experience among each individual crew member and to the team's performance in a race.
In this lesson we look at some successful approaches to teamwork on board, what challenges can be encountered and some models for successful interaction. The chapters include:

  • Roles onboard
  • Playbook -  a tool for great boat handling
  • Comms: The speed loop, Calls and Decisions
  • Teamwork - The human factor
  • Training and debriefs

Distribution of roles, areas of responsibility and individual experience level must be handled thoughtfully, and some good guidelines and approaches can make a world of difference.

The course is divided into chapters, total about 0h40 runtime (1h10 when interview is added)

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